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How does far infrared work with the body?

Far-infrared is naturally absorbed and emitted by the human body. It’s completely natural, a part of the light spectrum that causes impressive things to happen. It causes the water in your body to vibrate, which is important considering we are about 70% water. The vibration allows for deeper penetration, heating the atoms and breaking molecules Continue Reading

Birthdays Remembered

Another birthday just passed. Just as 44 birthdays before, no birthday card either from my Mother or my Father. Not that I want one now, nor do I expect one, but what many take for granted and come to expect and so they should, I have never had the privledge. I can remember the only Continue Reading

Help Needed

I am looking at meeting up, or certainly chatting with people from my past. To help me with my book. Anyone who knew me from any of the establishments below, remember at the time my name was Brian Batty, If you have any photographs of me that I could copy, I would be extremely appreciative. Continue Reading