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I think, as a society, we attach too many labels to things, situations and people.¬† For example: a label so commonly used today is ‘dyslexia’ far too many people are now given the excuse we call dyslexia. The moment we give someone that label, we also give them the associated limitations because our behaviours are Continue Reading

Business Opportunities Available

The following websites are being revamped and I am looking for people that wish to advertise on any of them. This can be anything from a link , banner ad or even a full page. Please let me know if this is of interest to anyone: The websites are: Http:// Continue Reading

NLP Game Group

Are you: learning NLP? Curious about NLP? What to speed up you understandings and learnings of NLP? I am thinking of setting up a group to regularly play the NLP Game If you are interested post your ideas and we can arrange something. Existing practice groups want to incorporate this activity? Lincoln and East Midlands Continue Reading

Want to lose weight?

Join me in getting to your ideal weight. I am running my popular weight loss seminars again. I too, will be on a course to shed a few pounds, get advice from me and other experts including group hypnosis, 1 to 1 coaching, NLP Techniques, all as demonstrated on TV by Paul McKenna. I will Continue Reading