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How does far infrared work with the body?

Far-infrared is naturally absorbed and emitted by the human body. It’s completely natural, a part of the light spectrum that causes impressive things to happen. It causes the water in your body to vibrate, which is important considering we are about 70% water. The vibration allows for deeper penetration, heating the atoms and breaking molecules Continue Reading

Fieldings Antique Miniature Chamber Pot

Antique and Fine Art – Auction Took Place : 15 September 2006 Venue The Exchange Saleroom, Driffield, East Yorkshire Lot 240 , Antique and Fine Art – 15 September 2006 A Fielding’s miniature chamber pot, decorated with a head and shoulder portrait of Hitler within and inscribed Flip Your Ashes on Old Nasty “The Violation Continue Reading

New eBay items

Need a new computer desk? Playstation 2 in pink with microphones and 2 controllers and loads of games (this will be listed tomorrow) or display cabinets in black. Checkout my auctions on eBay now eBay Shop

IF…..I had some advice…

If you like me, are experiencing the following: People that should know you, but don’t and Should be close to you, but aren’t and Should love you, but have never taken the opportunity and Blame you without justification, though evidence supports your innocence Then I say to you, stand proud and only be sad for Continue Reading

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