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How does far infrared work with the body?

Far-infrared is naturally absorbed and emitted by the human body. It’s completely natural, a part of the light spectrum that causes impressive things to happen. It causes the water in your body to vibrate, which is important considering we are about 70% water. The vibration allows for deeper penetration, heating the atoms and breaking molecules into smaller clusters. This stimulates the body to release toxins that escape us through sweat and elimination. The heat expands capillaries to improve circulation and improve metabolism, which helps activate necessary enzyme production.
Because toxins surround us and cause a host of health problems, it is vitally important to try to lessen the load. This is one of the reasons far-infrared is so popular. It doesn’t just heat the skin – it absorbs into the body to provide deeper potential benefits.
NASA uses far-infrared to assist in cardiac conditioning because a 20 minute far-infrared session can be as good to the cardiovascular system as a 10 km run. Because infrared penetrates deeper than traditional heat sources and dilates blood vessels, it can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, boost cell metabolism, smooth the walls of the blood system and increase production of endorphin’s and white blood cells. The blood gains vigour which helps to create a stronger immune system, normalised cholesterol, better energy, faster healing from injuries and improved oxygen levels.
Far-Infrared can help liquify fat and speeds up its elimination. For many, a 20 minute session can burn between 600 – 800 calories. FIR stimulates our hypothalamus, the part of our body that controls neurochemicals. This can mean better sleep, pain relief, lower body acidity and improved moods with less stress.

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