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Birthdays Remembered

Another birthday just passed. Just as 44 birthdays before, no birthday card either from my Mother or my Father. Not that I want one now, nor do I expect one, but what many take for granted and come to expect and so they should, I have never had the privledge. I can remember the only birthday present that my father did buy me…. a bicycle on my 7th birthday. I was living with my cousins at the time, My Aunty Brenda.

Alastair, the oldest cousin, taught me to ride it, quite painlessly as I had the cushion of the grass field behind our house in Tetbury.  Months later I was to move to a childrens home where I would rejoin my sister, Tina and share my new bicycle with her and all the other children in the home.

I don’t remember the journey from my cousins in  Tetbury to the new childrens home in Nottingham. My sister had already been there a year when I arrived at Field House………..

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