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Groupon – To Use? Or Not to use? This will answer your question..

Many budding and existing¬†entrepreneurs, small businesses and even fellow therapists will probably considering using a marketing tool like Groupon to help get customer awareness. I did too… therefore, I now write my experiences to give you the information to make an informed decision. You already know that any new business venture should be accompanied by Continue Reading

X Factor – Gamu Nhengu

Officials in this country are very short sighted. Let us for one minute consider that Gamu becomes succesful, because I believe she will, and the amount of tax she will pay as well as the contribution back into the economy of this country and yet they want to send her back…after 8Years! Ludicrous to say Continue Reading

Gordon Brown apologises to child migrants sent abroad

And about time too! These abhorrent actions didn’t stop until 1970, not 1960’s as the PM mentioned. These children were told that their parents were dead and the parents were often told that the child was dead. Stripped of all identity and sent Australia for a life of abuse and down right slavery. ABHORRENT. The Continue Reading