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eBay above the law?

Just had a heated conversation with an eBay customer service staff member about a dispute that I had opened and they have closed and refused the refund. I explained that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I have the right to return a product for a full refund within 28 days. I have 14 days Continue Reading

Groupon – To Use? Or Not to use? This will answer your question..

Many budding and existing¬†entrepreneurs, small businesses and even fellow therapists will probably considering using a marketing tool like Groupon to help get customer awareness. I did too… therefore, I now write my experiences to give you the information to make an informed decision. You already know that any new business venture should be accompanied by Continue Reading


@idealworldtv Avoid I ordered 2 Kobo’s on the 1st Jan -payment taken same day still haven’t received them had to phone an 0871 number generating more money for idealworld to be told that they were posted on the 7th. Heard that tosh from them before on an order that was never received and eventually Continue Reading

X Factor – Gamu Nhengu

Officials in this country are very short sighted. Let us for one minute consider that Gamu becomes succesful, because I believe she will, and the amount of tax she will pay as well as the contribution back into the economy of this country and yet they want to send her back…after 8Years! Ludicrous to say Continue Reading