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Tesco Rip Off

@tesco At the weekend I bought 2 packs of Duck breasts, £5 each, went in today and couldn’t find them in the usual place so I asked for assistance and was told they are on the end of the aisle ‘on promotion’.Saw they were 3 for £10 thought I was getting a deal.Got home, decided Continue Reading

One Man and his Thermomix

My journey with my Thermomix has been great fun. I wish I’d had one of these amazing bits of kit many years ago. Certainly great if your flock have flown the nest and gone to University. They’ll love you for this..

eBay above the law?

Just had a heated conversation with an eBay customer service staff member about a dispute that I had opened and they have closed and refused the refund. I explained that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I have the right to return a product for a full refund within 28 days. I have 14 days Continue Reading

Groupon – To Use? Or Not to use? This will answer your question..

Many budding and existing entrepreneurs, small businesses and even fellow therapists will probably considering using a marketing tool like Groupon to help get customer awareness. I did too… therefore, I now write my experiences to give you the information to make an informed decision. You already know that any new business venture should be accompanied by Continue Reading

Twitter Updates for 2012-10-07

#xfactor Louis Walsh needs to grow a set. Absolute clown # @Schofe @craigy1 you mean you took advantage of your cousins moment of weakness and fraped him, Philip? # @DuncanBannatyne couldn't agree more! # @BBCDragonsDen recording it to watch later… looking forward as always # @DerrenBrown filming in Doncaster one week, then Kent… I'm intrigued. Continue Reading