Thank you for visiting my personal site. I am a Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of NLP and I am also Qualified Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist.

I am available for private consultation and more information is available at Hypnotherapy Healing.. please click the 'more' button to go to the website and also details about what areas I may be able to help with.

Paul McKenna
In 2006 I had the pleasure to do my trainer training with a fantastic group of people, including John LaValle, Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler. Having previously trained with Tina Taylor at TranceformingNLP
I recently trained with The Academy for Clinical & medical Hypnosis Ltd. My qualifications are..
Stress Management
I have a Certificate in Stress Management and offer courses for businesses and their staff.
Kynan Numan - New Website
Kynan is studying Advanced Diploma in Digital Media & IT at North Lindsey College. Here's a link to his new website